Do you lead a start-up organization with big ideas and little resources?

Fundraising events costing the organization more money time than it generates?

Not sure how to make others care about your cause? 

We sometimes look at development as a “one size fits all” model. In fact, development includes  a wide variety of functions to include funding (grant writing, grants management, etc.),  donor cultivation and engagement, volunteer support, partnerships, fundraising (events or otherwise), and the list goes on.

All aspects of development works to serve the greater good of the organization, however, acquiring the right tools to set this motion may require an outside voice.


– Provide feedback and resources to help strengthen one project (fundraising, etc.- no writing included- 4 hours)
– Streamline and strengthen organizational core speaking points  (mission, vision, goals, etc.)
– Review and provide feedback on one proposal                                                                                    – Conduct a program assessment and provide feedback

Align program goals, objectives, and outcomes with SMART model                                           – Review and provide feedback on one existing proposal template
– Offer language and suggestions to openly communicate with funders (if applicable)
– Redesign and edit existing hardcopy newsletter

– Provide in-depth needs assessment of a la carte items: review of board policy manual, annual fundraising calendar, proposals, etc.  (10 hours)
– Draft one page development SWOT analysis with feedback and links to additional resources
– Research local, county, and statewide funding opportunities (4 hours)
– Consult with ED or board leadership about grassroots fundraising conceptualization and strategy processes (2.5 hours)
– Design and draft one  online newsletter template  (w/ an active Constant Contact account)
– Develop one proposal template (foundation or corporate support